. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The Boxer Has Finally Delivered
His Deadly Punch And The Ring
Belongs To Him ! Tony Abbott,
55, Won The Australian Election
And Became The Premier Elect !
The Coalition Of The
Conservatives and The Liberals
Led By Mr. Abbott Rose To The
Occasion By Effecting A
Thrashing Defeat To The Long
Beleagured Erstwhile Ruling Party
– The Labor Party Led By Kevin
Rudd !
The Coalition Got Nearly 90 Seats
Against 54 of The Labors And
Thereby Secured A Clear Lead Fit
For Making A New Government
After 6yrs of Near Misgovernance
By Kevin n Julia -the odd couple
who have always been busy in
shoring up their own egos at the
cost of their party !
John Howard Is Cheering This
Victory Of The Coalition After 6yrs
It Has Been Out of Power. Rupert
Murdoch Threw Millions In Cash
And Directed His News Media To
Endorse Tony Who Is Seen As
Someone Who Would Give A Free
Rein To The Market Economy By
Curtailing A Slew of Taxes And
Inviting Corporate Houses From
Around The World Requesting
Them To Do Business In
There Is Likely To No Tax On
Carbon Emissior or Carbon Tax !
It Was One Of The Vital Points On
The Poll Planks !
There Shall Be Certain Changes In
The Minning Sector Facilitating To
Re-establish The Minning Boom
That Got A Drubbing Under The
Six Year Rule of The Labor Party !
And, The Third Main Poll Plank
Was To Put A Tab On The
Growing Inflow of Illigal
Migrantes !
On All These Three Agendas That
Were A Common Reference In
Each Party’s Election Manifesto,
Tony Abbott Said After Having
Emerged As The Victor , That He
Would Kickstart His Plans From
Day One !
Tony Abbott, 55, Is A Former
Boxer And Rhodes Scholar .

. . . . . . . . . .(2.). . . . . . . .

The Labor Party Got Defeat As Per The Anticipation ! The Main Reason For This Is Inherent Inside The Party Than The Outside of It ! The Intra-Party-Conflict Has Been So Pronounced That It Has Had Its Toll On The Voters Plus The Activists of The Party!The Drama At The Top Has Had The Blame!Kevin Rudd Versus Julia Gillard Drama Yielded This Outcome!Both of Them Proved Myopic And Egotists And Have Never Waited Even A Single Moment In Letting People Know Their Personal Clashes In Clinching The Party Leadership Post ! The Taxation Policy Did The Rest !

Surprisingly, This Party Has Still To Grapple With The Reality That It Has Been Thrown Into ! Kevin Rudd Has Had His Speech Post The Electoral Results And ,Though, It Was A Defeat Conceding Occasion , Rudd Didn’t Say He Led The Party To Such Nosedive , Instead He Spoke Happily That His Party Did Unexpectedly Better And Showed That It Could Still Be A Contestant In Future ! The Speech Went For 22min. More Than That Of Mr. Abbott’s Acceptance Speech !!

The Single Meaningful Point That Mr. Kevin Rudd Said Was That The Party Needed A New Leadership ! Yes, IT DOES !

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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