Syria Is The Flashpoint Of International Diplomacy These Days Especially After Some Partial Reports Of The Use Of Chemical Weapons By The Bashar al Assad’s Regime Against Its Own People And Inside Their Own Country — the death toll due to this is reportedly 1500(approx.) !

The International Community Has Expressed Profound Shock Over Such Heinous Acts Perpetrated By The Assad Regime And Is Full of Suspicions That The Use of Chemical Weapons Might Be Increased In Future If It Is Not Taken Seriously And The Punishments Not Given !
But, There Has Not Been Any Concerted Efforts Being Made To Address Such Issue of Urgency , Except A Few Brainstormings Culminated In Debates Inside The Legislatures Of Some Countries (as best displayed in the british parliament) !

We Know The Reality of The United Nations(UN) And Expect No Actions Taken By It !

The UK Govt. Failed To Muster Up The Requisite Mandate For Its Proposal Of A Possible Military Intervention In SYRIAN CRISIS And Thereby Shouldering Along The US Govt. !

The French President, Francoise Hollande Is The Only Person Who Is More Inclined To Contribute To Any Military Enterprise The NATO or Other International Entity Would Ponder Over As The Only Way Ahead In Punishing Assad!

Russia Is Arguably The Most Important Factor In This Strange Plus Long Drawn War And It Has Very Overtly Been Throwing Its Weight In Support of Assad And Been Harping The Same Raga That Assad Puts Forth In Defense of His Fascist Regime And That Is That There Exists A Foreign Conspiracy To Destabilise Syria And The Terrorist Organizations Like Al-Quaeda Has Got A Sizeable Foray Into This Plot !

Nearly 59% Americans Don’t Wish For Any Direct Military Interventions Anywhere Let Alone Syria In Face of A Rather Prolonged Economic Malaise America Is Undergoing !

But, There Seems An Emerging View Amongst The Political Establishment That President Obama Must Go Ahead And Attack Thereby Effect The Punitive Measures Required At This Juncture And Send A Clear Signal That Such Acts of Using Chemical Weapons Shall Have Disastrous Consequences !
Both Mainstream Parties In The States Have Some Common Grounds To Think And Act In Unison! Syrian Turmoil Has Already Disturbed The Region And Poses Grave Threats To The Friendly States of America In That Region !

Obama Could Have Gone Ahead Without Any Congressional Authorization As He Did In The Case of Libya And More Importantly He Is Entitled For Such Extraordinary Situation ! Also, American History In The Postwar era suggests in favour of such presidential discretions!

Obama Is Certainly Playing Naivete And The Delays Caused Is Only Adding Insults To The Wounds !

In A Couple of Days The Final And Comprehensive Report by The UNO will come out and that will certainly bring some consensual views on these things !

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