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PAULA DEEN,The American Celebrity Chef ,Who Has Been Ruling Over The Hearts of Millions of Americans Over A Decade Via FOOD NETWORK CHANNEL n Her Brand Outlet In Savannah, GA,USA, Has Sullied Her Image -probably for once n for all !
Thanks to her acceptance during a recent chat that she has had some involvements with racial discrimination for she used to coin racial epithets n had let such racial slurs be allowed at her workplace !

Paula Deen Has Long Been Hailed As A Very Potent Plus Popular Icon In The Art of Cuisine and Has A Great Reach Into The Homes of Millians With Her Recommendations for Recipe, Her Endorsements of Brands , Her Talks on the Food Channel and her own Savannah,ga !

All seem to be in jeopardy !
Her deal with the said tv channel was to be renewed at this month’s end ,which appears very unlikely and that would be a major blow to her persona n patronage!

She has not tendered a strong apology so far,albeit she offered it more privately !

Her business will be going great still, yet, that wl not be able to bring her charisma back !

Whenever her name will crop up in future,this episode wl have a substantial impact over that and she wl,despite her great fame so far,be remembered as someone tainted or someone who fell from the grace and did nothing of repairs !

She ought to hv come up with a strong apology via some sit-in with a Oprah or a Robin. . . . .!!

That might hv been some sorts of healing her afro-american fans n allay a general disappointment amongst all who hv almost idolized her for a decade or so !

The outrageous admittance of using racial epithets and the inhuman tolerance of racial slurs plus jokes around her place for such a longtime, is bound to hv its toll,howsoever the majority at social media has been going soft on her n even appealing for the renewal of Mrs. Deen’s contract with the Food Network !!

The damage has already been done n the only retrieve for her is to go and try to placate the sheer sense of shock her fans are feeling post her confession !

Redemption Is All Within One’s Reach If There Appears Some Inkling of Divine Intervention Even Remote In Sight !!

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+91 9334411390. DEEN.1013708_10151424699005667_958718267_n

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