Anton Chekov, One of the greatest short-story writers of all time and also a noted dramatist whose popularity ,still in the contemporary world of stage-drama,is second to none except Shakespeare, was born in the nineteenth century Russia during times that oversaw the rapid transition taking place in the Russian Society From The Conservative Aristocracy To The Newly Affluent Middle Class Full Of Hopes n Aspirations Radically Different From The So Called Old Regime!

Born This Day On January 29, 1860, In Russia, Chekhov Was From The Family Of A Grocery Shop Owner And, Thus Had Been Living In A Rather Modest Means Of Life In Rural Parts Of Russia.
He Later Joined The MOSCOW UNIVERSITY For A Degree In Medicine And Also Started Penning Funny Pieces For Various Humor n Jokes Magazines.
He Became A Doctor And Had Started Doing Practices Only To Have Had Changed His Vocation Just After A Couple Of Years And Devoted Much Of His Time To Writing Stories Which Were Being Published In Popular Magazines Of Those Days Precisely 1884 Onwards.

Chekhov Wrote Nearly 600 Short Stories.
He Was Also Interested In Dramas And Had Penned More Than A Dozen, Chief Among Them Are : ”THE SEA GULL” , ”UNCLE VANYA” , ”THREE SISTERS” , ‘THE CHERRY ORCHARD” .

Chekhov Was A Keen Observer And Presented Sketches Of Life As Was Happening Around With A Gentleness Interspersed With Low Brow Satire Full Of Humor Plus Pathos.
Basically, Chekhov Was Comical In His Approach ,Though, His Comic Take On Human Existence Never Succeeds In Concealing Sincere Sprinklings Of Tragic Elements Defining Human Lives!

He Died At 44, Of Tuberculosis, In A Health Resort In Germany.
His Plays Are Performed Everyday And Stories Relished Everyhour ! This Is What We Could Term As Chekhov’s Legacy !

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