CHUCK HAGEL: The New Defense Secretary,USA !
OBAMA has nominated Chuck Hagel as the defense secretary and JOHN O BRENNAN as C.I.A. Director!

Both of the choices are considered as CONTROVERSIAL!

CHUCK HAGEL,a fmr. Republican Senator From Nebraska and Vietnam War Veteran, Is Held As Anti-Israel-an issue that will create much problem in his approval by the Congress !

Chuck Hagel is 66 and known widely as a rather Centrist than a conservative and has been very clear plus outspoken on matters of Foreign Policy.
He is not a kind of an acceptable guy for even his own republican party members and that makes things quite difficult as per the required process of ratification is concerned! Again it appears that Obama is running risk in his first choice for a key cabinet post as happened last month when he expressed his desire to pick the UN ambassador,Ms.SUSAN RICE and later on he had chosen John Kerry as the Secretary of state after a fierce opposition from the congressmen against Ms. RICE for her handling of the Benghazi Attack That Killed Four Americans Including The American Ambassador,CHRIS STEVENS .

Obama still has taken sort of a confrontational path and its shows his determination to slug it out this time as some sort of a compensation.

Chuck Hagel Was The Leader Of An Infantry In The Vietnam War And Later Got Two Purple Decoration For His Bravery In That War.He afterwards went on to describe the Vietnam As A Major Low Point For American Foreign Policy And Has Been Very Critical Of The Recent Wars In Iraq n Afghanistan!

If he gets congressional approval without much ruckus,he will have a greater say in overall Obama Administration.
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(91) 9334411390.

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