The Arab Spring Is Passing Through Its Wintery Days And That Augurs A Chaotic Arab World !

Egypt Has Thrown Results That Cast Shadow On The Success Of The Revolution That Overthrew One Of The Most Powerful Dictators In Modern Arab World,Mr.Hosni Mubarak And That Caught A Rather Unprecedented World Attention Which Was Sustained Till A Couple Of Months Ago!
Dictators Like Mubarak,Ben Ali,Gaddhafi Were Never So Much Theo-Centric And Had By n Large A Secular Governance!
Sadly,The Composition Of The Winning Alliances Post Free Elections, Is Deeply Colored With Islam(not true islam,but,the distorted variety).
Religion Is Being Forcibly Mixed With The Governance And,Without Doubts,Such Heady Cocktails Are Always Dangerous!

Muslim Brotherhood Has Taken The Place Of Hosni Mubarak In Terms Of Ignoring People’s Opinions or Voice And, With An Extra Add-on In Form Of Shariah, It’s Gonna Be More Lethal Than Mubarak !

Arab-Spring Is Fast Losing Much Of Its Shean And That’s Pretty Much Sadder Aspect Of The Glorious Upsurge Of People Against The Long Practised Injustice And Oppression By The Ruling Elites In The Arab World !

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