President Obama Has Nominated Senator John Kerry As The Successor To Hillary Clinton For The Topmost Diplomatic Post of The Secretary Of State, A Short While Ago !

Sen. (D,Mass.), John Kerry Is Described As The Perfect Choice For The Secretary Of State, By Obama.
There Has Been A Lot Of Guess Works Doing The Round In Media That John Kerry Would Be The Most Suitable Choice For The Post After The Exit Of Susan Rice From The Race For The Much Coveted Cabinet Post.

Susan Rice,An Insider Of Obama’s Personal Circle Was Being Touted As The Best Pick And People Started To Fancy Mrs. Rice As The Successor To Mrs. Clinton,But, Things Changed After A While And The Aggressive Disapproval Of Mrs. Rice Started To Surface From The Republicans Who Severely Criticized Mrs. Rice’s Media Handling Of The September 11 Attack On American Diplomatic Enclave In Benghazi.
Mrs. Rice Had To Withdraw Citing Personal Opinions Vis-a-Vis The Post and The Process Of Ratification Required For The Appointment!

John Kerry Is 69 And Has Been A Congressman Since 1984 When He Fought For The Senate Seat From Massachusetts.
He Has Tremendous Experiences In Foreign Relations And Has Served The Senate Committee On Foreign Relations For Nearly 30yrs (The Last Six Years As The Chairman Of The Committee).

He Fought An Unsuccessful Bid For The Presidency In 2004 Against George Bush.

A Vietnam War Veteran, John Kerry Won Several Medals n Awards For His Bravery In The Vietnam War.Silver Medal, Bronze Medal and Three Purple Hearts Are Some Of The Important Awards!
Kerry,however,started to lead anti-war campaigns after returning from Vietnam And For That Account He Was Severely Criticized By The Republicans During His Presidential Campaign Of 2004.

Both,Mr.Obama n Hillary Clinton Have Praised Highly The Contributions John Kerry Effected In The Foreign Policymaking n International Relations!

Due To Kerry’s Long Stay In The Congress And The Resultant Personal Relations ,It Is Expected That He Will Get A Rather Quick Congressional Approval !

Mr. Obama Went To The Extent Of Saying That Very Few People Knew As Many Presidents n Prime-Ministers As Kerry In The World !
Obama Kept Sending John Kerry As Special Envoy On His Behalf To The Various Parts Of The World For Salvaging Relationship n Tackling Challenges !
Experts Say John Kerry Played, On Many Occasions, The Role Of A ‘TROUBLESHOOTER’ For Obama Administration And Had Played Vital Role In Afghanistan n Pakistan !

With A Vast Plus Varied Experience In Public Life, John Kerry Might Play A More Influential Role In Obama-II.

Best Of Luck, John Kerry !

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