In a couple of days, the unique event of the arab-world, popularly known as ‘arab-spring’ , will mark its second birthday.But, unlike any other birthdays,it will have nothing specific to cheer about except its growth from its infancy to its childhood !

On 17th of december 2010, a young vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi set himself aflame and died a few days later in a hospital in the central town of Tunisia, Sid-Bouezid.The young vendor,a poor man,had for long been tolerating the excesses committed by the authorities i.e. By Local Police.When his patience worn thin and he had no gateway visible for getting his grievances redressed, he set himself on fire. . . . . In A Last Effort To Preserve Self-respect !

That Single Incident Became A Rallying Point For Countless Commoners Across Tunisia And The Collective Protests Suddenly Erupted Engulfing Every Corner Of Tunisia.

The Tunisians Got Themselves United Against The Oppressive Regime Of The Dictator Ben Ali.And, The Protests Became So Stronger That The Despotic Ruler,Ben Ali, Had To Flee ! Within A Few Months A Fresh Election Took Place And A New Interim Government Came To Power With Uphill Tasks Of Drafting A Constitution And Ameliorating The Economic Conditions.
Those Who Came To Power Via Free Election, Were, Mostly, Hardliner Islamists Politically Under The Ennahda-Party ! There Were Fears Of Turning Tunisia,a largerly liberal country – thanks to its proximity to the european nations, Into A Theocratic Country Instead Of A Democratic Nation That The Revolution Aspired For ! These Fears Were Allayed By The Hardliners While They Were Still Under Campaigning , Telling People Not To Worry As It Would Do Its Best To Protect n Preserve The Democratic Principles, Secularism, Human Rights. . . !
After Being In Power For A Couple Of Months, The Islamists Started To Turn The Clock Back.

The New Regime Dominated By The Salafists, The Hardliners Is Showing No Concern For The Economic Conditions And Has Done Nothing To Address The Ever Growing Problem Of Unemployment.
The Attacks On The Liberal And Secular Factions In Tunisia, Is Bringing Disgrace To The Very Spirit Of Revolution.
The Brewing Discontent n Disillusionment Might Be More Prone To A Fresh Start Of The Waves Of Protests All Over Again And That Will Again Put Things In Chaos Once Again!

The Arab Spring Is Passing Through Its Harsher Winter Days !

(to be continued. . .)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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