Today Britney Spears Turns 31. The Queen of Pop and Diva Has Effected Sort Of A Powerful Comeback In The Music Arena !

Britney Came To The World Of Music Plus Entertainment In 1999 And Was Welcomed With Incomparable Adulation And Appreciation! ‘BABY,ONE MORE TIME’ ,Britney’s Debut Album Made An Unprecedented Ripples Worldwide.The Album Sold A Whopping 1.3 millions In Its First Week And Till Date, It’s A Record Sale For A Female Singer !The Title Song Remains A Craze Even Today.
It Has Been 13yrs. Since Then And Britney Still Rules Our Hearts.Undoubtedly,It’s A Testimony To Her Talents Plus Hardwork.

Well, This Journey Has Not Been Like A Smooth Sailing And The Pop Diva Has Had Countless Moments Of Lows .She Was ,For Sometime, Very Fond Of Courting Controversy And Those Acts Of Britney Had Peeved Her Millions Of Fans Across The World.Her Romance With Singer,Justin Timberlake And Its Quick Break-up , Her Marriage With Kevin Federline And The Subsequent Divorce, Hers Using Drugs, Hers Shaving Off Head, TheBad Relationship Between Her Mom And Dad. . . . . .and a few others, Were Certainly Leaner Patch Of Her Life !
Also,Her Bizarre Ways Of Onstage Performances At VMAs!Her Sensational Lip-Lock With Madonna!Her Python Holding Dance!
Britney Had Had Everything From Fame To Notoriety !

If Someone, After Having Gone Through All These Upheavals In Just A Short Span, Tries Hard And Eventually Makes A Comeback, Must Have Something Unique To Inspire Others!
BRITNEY SPEARS HAS GOT THAT POWER TO INSPIRE! And, That Is What She Has Been Doing Of Late On The Sets Of ‘X’-FACTOR As An Inspiring Mentor And Perfect Judge !

Britney Has Earned Around 58 Millions In This Year And The Prestigious Magazine,FORBES, Places Her As Topmost Earner In Musician Category! She Reportedly Has A 17 Millions Deal With The ‘X’ Factor!

And, She Released Her Latest, ‘Will.i.am’ This Last Wednesday Whose Number, ‘SCREAM & SHOUT’ Is The Numero Uno At iTunes Downloads !
With 7 Superhit Albums, Lovely Children, Fame, Success And A Sweetheart,JASON TRAVIC, BRITNEY IS ENJOYING HER LIFE !
Happy Birthday, Britney !
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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