Hillary Rodham Clinton Turns 65 Today !
She Is Arguably One Of The Most Powerful Women In Today’s World.
Hillary Clinton Is Getting Younger And Prettier Day By Day And That Too Being A Member Of Political Class Famous For Tension And Anxiety.
The Way She Carries Herself Is Simply Flawless.
She Handles Politics And Fashion(as evident from her dress n hairdo) With Aplomb !
The Ever Changing Hairstyle And Clothes Give Impressions,At Times, Of A Showbiz Persona.
She Is Currently Viewed As The Most Suitable Democrat’s Candidate For The US PRESIDENCY IN 2016 !
She Is Having A Rather Free Hand In Handling Foreign Relations And For This She Is Often Admired And Quoted Publically By President Obama.
A Chicago Native Hillary Married Bill Clinton , Her Classmate At Yale And Colleague At University Of Arkansas Law School, In 1975.
Hillary Was A Republican Till She Listened Martin Luther King In Late 60s.

She had campaigned for J.Carter and sat on an investigating committee of the house of representatives looking into the infamous WATERGATE that cost Nixon his post.
She was the first lady for 8yrs and just after got herself elected as a senator from NewYork.

She had to go through immense upheaval emotionally when her husband and President mr.BILL CLINTON was exposed in an affair with a white house intern,Ms.Monica Levinsky .But Hillary Managed Herself and her family calmly!
She Deserve Great Applause For Forgiving Her Man Post Monica And Moving On And Attaining Newer Heights In Public Domain First As A Senator,NY Then As A President Hopeful And Then As The Secretary Of State -arguably One Of The Most Challenging Jobs In The World !

Will She Get Into The Ring In 2016 ?
Or Just Retire From Her Public Life When A New President Gets Elect In Case Mr.Obama Doesn’t Make The Cut ? Or, Will She Be Continuing As The Secretary Of State If Mr.Obama Gets The Mandate For A Second Inning ?

Nothing Is Clear In Political Churnings The World Over !
But,Crystal Clear Is One Thing That Hillary R Clinton Will Be Having More Style Plus Fashion To Her Persona !
The Yale Law Grad Is An Eye Candy As Well As Mindblowing Witty !
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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